Knight Squad 2 is now launched worldwide!

Knight Squad 2 Official Trailer

We are very proud to be launching Knight Squad 2 worldwide, on 4 platforms, and in 10 languages today

The achievement writes the end of another chapter in the 8 years saga of Knight Squad. The core gameplay we made in a game jam back in 2013 still lives in this game.

We improved and polished it with the new-earned experience of the studio and the result is a cool game, at least Kotaku thinks so.

Party games balance on a tightrope. If they’re too rooted in chance, everyone will be at each other’s throats within a round. (See: Mario Party.) If they’re too basic, they’re boring, and if they’re too complex, well, there’s no fun for a party. Every so often, a game comes along and nails the balance, like Knight Squad 2.

Knight Squad 2 is now available for purchase on the Nintendo Switch, the Xbox One, the Steam Store and the Epic Games Store.