We’re making Knight Squad 2

Hello folks,

Knight Squad is the game that propelled us as a studio. We were blown away by the reception it got since the first players got their hands on the prototype at the Quebec City’s Pixel Challenge 7 years ago to the praise we read about our Nintendo Switch release earlier this month.

What a journey.

And the journey continues today, as we’re proudly announcing Knight Squad 2, releasing on Xbox One and PC, this year.

Working on a sequel is the rare occasion for indie developers and we love being able to push this dear project of ours to its full potential.

We’re making Knight Squad 2 with all the experience we acquired throughout the years and most importantly with the feedback we received from the community.

You can learn more about Knight Squad 2 on knightsquad2.com and join our community of fans on Discord.

We can’t wait to tell you more about Knight Squad 2 in the coming months.

Have a great day,

Laurent Mercure
Communications Officer