Major Update for Aftercharge



We’re excited to be releasing our biggest content update yet for Aftercharge today. In this update, we’re introducing two new characters to the roster and a new highly-requested “Private Match” feature. Through the creation of private lobbies, players will now be able to team up with anyone across both of the platforms and choose specifically how they want to play. It was a big feature, but we made it happen.

In “Private Match”, players will also find a new ruleset called competitive in which they’ll get to push the game to its limits and practice for our upcoming tournaments. It’s been awesome to listen to the community feedback and we’re glad to give back some love with that free update. Alongside the new characters and features, we have also added a few more epic skins for existing characters.

1.2.7 is now live on both Xbox One and PC, enjoy!

Talk to you soon,

Laurent Mercure
Communications Officer