We’re now a 9 people team!



Welcome Jack and Nick!

Four months ago, we welcomed our Jack of All Trade and last week, we welcomed our 4th programmer, Nick. The Chainsawesome Games is now a team of 9 people. Let’s just say that we were not expecting that at start. At the beginning of our development process for Aftercharge, we were pretty much sure we could carry this audacious project with only 6 people. At some points, we had to face the reality that a big project like Aftercharge needs a bigger team!

Jack has a lot of experience in various fields we were lacking like QA, publishing and technical support and is already proving to be an amazing asset to the team.

Nick is a skilled programmer whose resourcefulness impressed us and will be working mostly on the console ports and the multiple tools we’ll need.

With this team, we’re confident we’ll be able to deliver all of our promises by pushing Aftercharge on PC and Xbox One this Summer!

And we literally can’t wait…


Communications Officer