Welcome Cara!

annonce_team_cara_big copie

Hello all!

Chainsawesome Games is now a team of 7 and got a little bit more magnificent as we welcomed our third artist on board last week. Cara has joined the team as our second 3D artist and she will be helping us out mostly on the environments and the props. We only showed a single map of Aftercharge yet and that’s because it’s all we have. But that’s going to change! We can’t wait to show you the second environment of planet Dusk 11.

We want to launch Aftercharge with enough characters and maps for it not to be too repetitive. A little extra help on the art side was needed to make this happen without moving our launch window. Our 3 vs 3 competitive game is still planned to release in Spring of 2018 on PC and Xbox One simultaneously. You can enlist right now to participate in our test phases at www.afterchargegame.com.

I hope you join me and the rest of the team in wishing Cara a warm welcome!

Talk to you later,

Laurent Mercure
Communications Officer