Aftercharge will be launching on Xbox One

Hello Chainsaw fans,

Since the very first day we announced Aftercharge, we stated that it was going to release on PC and consoles but we stayed vague on the console side. Today, we’re happy to announce that we’re renewing our vows with Microsoft and Aftercharge will be launching simultaneously on PC and Xbox One in Spring of 2018.

Choosing a launch console is part relationship, part business and we had such a great experience launching Knight Squad with the ID@Xbox team that it just made sense. We still have in mind to release Aftercharge on other consoles, but nothing is confirmed on that end.

Aftercharge Screenshot 5

Also, if you have not signed up to our Aftercharge mailing list, you might have missed that we will be running a Closed Alpha test phase around August. We’re super excited to finally hand our game to thousands of players. If you want a chance to take part of that, enlist on

Make sure you follow our social medias created for Aftercharge to catch all the news and updates.

Talk to you soon!