Get ready for Aftercharge!

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Everyone at Chainsawesome is beyond thrilled to finally reveal what we’ve been working on for a whole year.

Aftercharge is an online competitive 3v3 shooter pitting a squad of invisible robots against the company who created them. You will either take the side of the robots with the goal of destroying the installations of Aftercharge corp or take the side of the enforcers, tasked to shut down the robots to protect the precious energy extractors.

Aftercharge Screenshot 2  Aftercharge Screenshot 3

Aftercharge Screenshot 4   Aftercharge Screenshot 5
Those of you who have been following us closely might remember these game mechanics. Aftercharge is an evolution of our 48h Game Jam prototype called “Electric Panic”.

We’re very excited for the road ahead. Starting today, we will be revealing more about the game, its development and soon enough, we’ll be inviting people to be part of our Beta.

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Have an amazing day!